Dear Parents and Well wishers,

Greetings. Many thanks for your interest in SHRI VIDHYA BHARATHI MODERN SCHOOL (CBSE)

Wishes from the principal’s desk to all our students, teachers and our beloved parents. My hearty thanks for all your support extended to the development of our children and of the institution. We have evolved newly with new wings of fire like phoenix. We came back with new courage and energy to bring the change. Changes never changed. Here comes our new face.

Our school logo is changed for giving a new idea about our school and its development process. It is symbolized with a book denoting the importance of education. Just above the book there is an image of two kids’ viz., male and female children. The tree denotes the growth of our children’s growth from a sapling to a broadly widened tree which meant the enormous growth of our students by all means. The leaves above the tree denoted the branches of knowledge they gain. The enlightenment circle denotes the excellence of our students in their future. This makes you understand the new idea of our educational service.

Our school has grown a vigorous manner in its infrastructure, quality, and technical support and of language learning. Even our school hostel is newly built for boys and girls. We have evolved a new venture with Impulse academy to support our senior secondary students get through the different competitive examinations. They are teaching our students to understand the concepts of their learning and to excel in their subject. My hearty thanks to them too.

I extend my hearty thanks to the Management, Academic Director, teaching and non teaching faculty members, drivers and care takers who are all extending their support to the growth of our students and our school. My special thanks to all the parents who extended their heartfelt support to us. I expect all your continuous support in the years to come.

Jai Hind!

Thanks with Regards,