Yoga is the activity for the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which aim at transforming body and mind.It is one of the techniques used of students for controlling the body and the mind. So the students are get peaceful mind , memory power , concentration about studies and innovation thinking skills.

Our students are participated in state level Yoga competition and got many Certificates and Medals.


  • Viruchasanam
  • Pasuvahosanasanam
  • Garuda Asanam
  • Thirigona Asanam
  • Agarna Dhanarasanam
  • Pakkasanam
  • Pajmodhasanam
  • Sirasasanam
  • Sarvanganasanam
  • Chakra asanam
  • Dhanurasanam
  • Ustrasanam
  • Viruchigarasanam