Computer Lab

      The modern and sophisticated computer lab is a class of its own with internet and e-mail facilities. It helps the students to challenged with IT competitive and develop their programming skills. And also improve their creative thinking, technical skills and current affairs.

Math Laboratorie

      The word math lab is meant to indicate a learning activity, typically performed by students working in teams for which the following three aspects occur.

  • Q (Question) - a real world Question is posed by the instructor.
  • R (Resolution) – The resolution of the Questions involves the use of mathematics
  • V (Verification) – The result can be verified by empirical means.

Language Lab

     Language lab programme helps learners take sizeable strides into the real of speaking polished English language lab has been designed for learners who already have an intermediate competency level in the language to achieve in advance proficiency level. It is an integrated course in Spoken English fluency in daily life.

Science Lab

     The School has well equipped, separate Laboratories for science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which helps to stimulate and develop the students practical knowledge and creative skills.

Physics Lab

     Our physics laboratory provides a platform for students to nurture the budding Scientists with in them. The laboratory is furnished with latest instrument, equipments and apparatiy prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education. The students are provided with separate work station with power supply.

Chemistry Lab

     We have well established laboratory with sufficient lab equpiments. Chemicals and instruments used for Senior Secondary Level practicals and investigatory projects organic chemistry. The students are provided with separate workstations and individual burner.

Biology Lab

     We have well equipped biology laboratory for Secondary and Senior Secondary students. Students are encouraged to use laboratory things for various activities and investigatory projects. They get a first hand learning experience by performing various specimens, charts etc., are purchased for laboratory.

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