Every year the admission opens in the month of March and April. While admitting the KG students, Birth Certificate has to surrendered and for Grades Transfer Certificate, Birth Certificate and Community Certificate.


Rules for Students :

  • Students are strictly asked to be inside the school campus before 9.20 AM and leave the campus after 4.15 PM. Permission is denied to leave the school premises during school hours.
  • If it is emergency, students may be allowed with the prior permission of the principal. If is their responsibility to keep their classroom and the campus absolutely clean.
  • They should not wear any Gold and Silver ornaments and must be more responsible for their own properties.
  • They should converse only in English inside the school campus.

  • Rules for Parents :

  • Parents should send their wards on time. They should watch their wards attendance whether they are regular or irregular to school. The parents should acknowledge their children’s leave in advance.
  • The parents must send their wards to school on the very first day after long holidays.
  • The Parents or the guardians may visit the school periodically and collect the information about their wards in order to have cordial relationship between parents and school.

  • School Uniform and Shoes :

  • Students are expected to wear the uniform on all days except Wednesday. On this day they should near the sports uniform. On formal uniformal days they should come with proper shoes with proper coloured socks, school belt and tie.

        Every academic year of a CBSE school is started from April to March. So Tuition fee, transport fee, and other remittances should be paid on or before 01.04.2014 to get the book and other necessities for the next Academic Year. Last date for this fee is 21.06.2014.

    • Second term fee should be remitted on or before 25.10.2014. .
    • Fee defaulters will be penalized Rs.1/1000 per day.
    • Once the name is entered in the academic year, the terminal fee to be paid before applying Transfer certificate.


    • Prior notification at least for a month should be given in written for the removal of a pupil from the school.
    • Transfer certificate will be given to those who settle their dues without any arrear.
    • Only parent is authorized to sign in the Transfer Certificate. The guardian may be allowed in case of parents post moth.

    Summer Classes:

    • Summer classes will be conducted only for classes IX and X appearing students.
    • It is attempted to enrich their knowledge in subjects concerned and to measure their progress level to obtain their target.


    In order to have a healthy competition among the students, teachers and drivers. Every year best student, best teacher and best Driver awards are given. So their will motivate and enrich their work ethicks.

    Office Hours:

    Our school is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 a.m. till 5.30 p.m. All business related with the school must be attended during the office hours.

    Contact Us :

    • Shri Vidhya Bharathi Modern School (CBSE)
    •   Attur Main Road,
    •   Rasipuram Tk
    •   Namakkal Dist.
    •   Phone:04287 222396
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